One fun week with friends. Memorable experiences for life. Through introductions to non-profit organizations and global causes, K.A.R.E. Camps facilitate age-appropriate discussions, on-site visits, hands-on projects, and unique service opportunities to inspire girls and boys to be grateful, compassionate and kind. K.A.R.E. Camp opens hearts to a lifetime of compassion and giving back.

Summer Camp

During our week of camp and our Fun-Raiser Friday, we held a free carnival for the community. With the money we raised, we donated it back to 5-6 non-profits. It was a lot of work but we also had a lot of fun and felt great about donating back.

Sanjay C., 9
Kritter K.A.R.E.

We made tons of tug toys for dogs and toys for kittens and donated them to local shelters. I made another one at home to test it, and our dog loved it!

Emily R., 9
Nature K.A.R.E.

Our camp planted over 100 redbud seedlings at a local park. Sure, we got our hands dirty but we also saw how the area looked when we were done. We made a big difference!

Chase L., 11
K.A.R.E. Bookworms

We read stories, drew pictures and sang songs with pre-schoolers. I also donated some of my favorite books to them that I don’t read anymore. Their smiles made me feel great.

Cece F., 11
K.A.R.E. Generations

My penpal told me all about the time when she first voted! That was really special, we still keep in touch!

Simone L., 13
K.A.R.E. Abilities

Playing tennis with kids in wheelchairs at their summer camp made a big impact on me. They are tennis players just like me, but they have to work so much harder. I want to come back every year!

Ava V., 12
K.A.R.E. Celebrations

We decorated birthday hats, made birthday cards, and wrapped small presents for families in tough situations. I guess I never thought about children who don’t get to celebrate their birthday with cake or gifts.

Luke B., 10