K.A.R.E. Camp

Kids Who K.A.R.E. Camp is a day camp located in St. Louis, Missouri, home to over 2,000 non-profit organizations. K.A.R.E. Camp introduces children and young teens to volunteering for those organizations that have the most meaning to them. Summer 2023 marked K.A.R.E. Camp’s 9th summer! Over 850 children and teens ages 7-15 have participated in a session of K.A.R.E. Camp and, together, our community has dedicated over 25,000 volunteering hours. Through age-appropriate discussions, on-site visits, hands-on projects, and unique service opportunities, we inspire girls and boys to be grateful, compassionate and kind.

Our Vision

A world where every boy and girl takes action because they have experienced how their small act(s) can make a big difference. K.A.R.E. Camp opens hearts to a lifetime of compassion and giving back.

Our Values

  • We each have unique gifts
  • Our gifts make a difference
  • It is possible to share our unique gifts in interesting and fun ways
  • Feel gratitude through giving back and serving communities
  • Take action for those who have less or are in need
  • Promote a positive sense of self
  • Feel empowered
  • Express pride and feel the reward of doing something that matters