Frequently Asked Questions

How are partners selected for Summer K.A.R.E. Camp?
K.A.R.E. Camp has relationships with 75+ local organizations whose mission aligns with our’s – to introduce children and young teens to the world of volunteering and educating families on how they can get involved. Organizations and non-profit partners that offer memorable, safe, and the best experiences are included in our program. K.A.R.E. Camp then shares camper feedback so together we learn how to best engage and improve camper experiences.

What is a typical day at Summer K.A.R.E. Camp?
Campers are kept busy with multiple projects and activities supporting different causes. Each morning, campers are briefed for the days’ activities and regroup on the prior day’s activities. Campers are transported to their morning site visit. For lunch, campers stop at a nearby park, playground or other location, which is often accompanied by a park clean-up. Campers then go to their afternoon site before returning to camp “headquarters.” In some cases, our partners come to visit us which may replace our morning or afternoon field trip. In one week at camp, campers meet or support between 5-8 non-profit organization or causes.

Where is Summer Camp located?
Summer Camp 2021 is “headquartered” at the Pavilion at Stacy Park in Olivette. Campers are typically at camp headquarters for a short while in the morning before their morning project, and a short while in the afternoon upon returning from their afternoon project. Your pick-up and drop-off are at this one easy location. On occasion, Friday FUNraisers may be located elsewhere, so your drop-off/pick-up may be different.

Is each week of Summer Camp the same in terms of non-profit partners and activities?
No! Each week is different and we have many campers who come to multiple sessions. K.A.R.E. Camp partners with over 75 organizations to choose the best experiences. Generally, animals, the environment, the elderly and volunteering with organizations who support people with disabilities is included in each week. However, the APA may be our partner in session 1, while the Humane Society may be our partner in session 2. Each offers a different experience, project and conversation.

Do campers bring lunch or is lunch provided?
Campers bring lunch Monday-Thursday. Lunch is provided on Friday during their Friday Funraisers. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. Campers should bring a water bottle.

How are children transported?
Campers are transported in school buses chartered with First Student Transportation or a similar provider. Camps with smaller-sized groups are transported via shuttle van.

How many campers can register per session?
To provide tailored, hands-on experiences, sessions are divided into groups by age, and each group is limited to 20 campers. This not only allows us to facilitate the conversations and experiences we want the campers to have, but respects our partners’ size and space limitations which is usually at their facility on a typical work day.

How many service hours will my child earn for one week at Summer Camp?
Depending upon attendance and participation, campers have the opportunity to earn up to 30 community service volunteer hours.

My child attended K.A.R.E. Camp in the past, is there a discount for return campers?
We are grateful for our returning campers! Yes, there is a discount if you attended K.A.R.E. Camp in the past. Please use the promo code RETURN2021 in step 5 of registration.

I am a staff member in the Ladue School District, how do I register using the Ladue District discount?
As a gesture of our appreciation to the teachers and staff in the Ladue School District, there is a Teacher and Staff Appreciation Rate. Please use the TEACHER promo code and use your district email address as your contact email in registration step #2.

How can my child apply to be a Junior Camp Volunteer?
Depending upon the size of the summer session, 1-3 volunteers are staffed per session per group as Junior Camp Counselors or volunteers. There is a $50 fee which helps cover the cost of their shirt and other supplies. Junior Camp Counselors are eligible to earn the same (or more) volunteer service hours as campers. Boys and girls (15+) who enjoy working with children, and enjoy the rewards of volunteering, are invited to apply. Please introduce yourself by clicking on Contact.